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"Sandin Dreams" is a mini-series within my collection "PIPEDREAMS" which explores abstract environments created using VR drawing tools.The mini-series explores the Sandin Image Processor, which was created by Dan Sandin, in the early 1970s. The Sandin Image Processor is a video synthesizer that creates ultra-saturated colors and patterns using various modules. There are only two Sandin Image Processors that belong to public institutions (SAIC and Alfred University) -- all of the other IPs are in private collections. The video textures on the CRT's were made using the Sandin at Alfred University."Sandin Dreams" also pays homage to Nam June Paik's "TV Garden" (1974), which explores the connection between nature and technology. In this piece, nature is simulated by the abstract environment sculpted using Gravity Sketch on an Oculus Quest 2.

Splinters 2023
Sandin Dreams 2023
Black Hole 2023
Saint Sebastian 2023
Fractures: Glitched Digital Paintings 2023
Self Portraits 2022
Glitch Dolls 2022